How to Make Basketball Shoes Last Longer

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How to Make Basketball Shoes Last Longer

How do you make basketball shoes last longer

Whether you play basketball regularly or not, you should take proper care of your footwear to keep it running like new for extended periods. Here are some tips for extending the life of your basketball shoes:

Clean the court

If you have recently purchased new basketball shoes, you might be wondering how to make them last longer. The first thing you need to know is that cleaning your shoes is essential for their overall appearance but also the durability of the soles. Dirt and dust on the court will cause your basketball shoes to lose their grip and slide on the hardwood. There are two ways you can remove this layer of dirt.

One way to clean your basketball shoes is by thoroughly soaking them in water. But this isn’t good for the sole and doesn’t help with the arch support. Instead, you can use a foaming cleanser. Another great way to clean the inside of your basketball shoes is to use an old toothbrush. You can also use deodorizing products on your insoles. After playing, air dries them rather than placing them in a dryer or exposing them to direct sunlight.

Clean the outsole

It would help if you cleaned your basketball shoes after each game. This will prevent bad smells and stains from developing. Cleaning your shoes regularly will also preserve the grip they provide through their treads. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a soft shoe brush to clean the rubber outsole. You can also use a spare toothbrush to clean the outsole of your basketball shoes. Make sure to dry them thoroughly before putting them in your gym bag.

First, remove the inner sole to clean the outsole of your basketball shoes. Next, remove the shoelaces. After removing the inner sole, you can use a towel to dry them. Avoid drying them in the sun or direct heat. When drying, keep them away from heat or direct sunlight to prevent cracking the sole. For better results, use a protective spray to reduce the amount of cleaning your shoes require. If you don’t have a spray, you can use a toothpick to remove dirt.

Avoid direct heat

If possible, store your basketball shoes indoors. Avoid exposure to sunlight, as it will fade the color and make you lose grip on your shoes. Please keep them in their box when not in use to prevent odor buildup. You can also use shoe deodorizer to reduce foul odor. Basketball shoes are meant to be worn indoors, so they do not require much cleaning or maintenance. However, if you decide to wear your shoes outside, you should consider the sun’s UV rays.

Another way to keep your basketball shoes looking new is to avoid storing them near a heater. Although it might seem tempting, leaving your shoes near an oven or heating vent will permanently damage you. Let your shoe air dry instead of placing them in a plastic bag. This will help prevent warping and maintain the original shape. A dry shoe will not warp or fade quickly and provide proper ankle support.

Clean the upper

To extend the lifespan of your basketball shoes, you should regularly clean the upper. The soles can be damaged by friction from playing on hard surfaces, but you can extend their lifespan by keeping them clean. You can add powdered graphite or vaseline to the bottom of your shoes to increase their traction. It’s essential to clean the upper regularly to avoid the appearance of worn-out spots.

After using your basketball shoes, it is essential to store them in a dry, airy space. Avoid storing them in a gym bag, a tight space, or in a closet. These places can collect odor and bacteria. Open spaces allow air to circulate, which will help get rid of sweaty parts trapped inside. You can also buy shoe racks or boxes to keep them safe from being kicked or smacked by the other players.

Clean the bottom

Cleaning the bottom of your basketball shoes will increase the traction on the court. You can wipe the bottom of the shoe with a wet towel that doesn’t have too much moisture. Wipe it with the towel and place it under a bench or chair during a time out. If you find that your shoes still slip, you may need to replace them. It would help if you also washed your shoes regularly to prolong their life.

The dirt and dust from the floor can cause the shoes to lose their grip. You can remove this layer by wiping the bottom of your shoes with a damp towel. A dry cloth can then be used to remove the dirt stuck to the shoe’s bottom. By doing this, the traction of the shoe will be restored. You can even clean the sole with a damp cloth if you don’t have a damp cloth on hand.

Dry the shoes

While placing your new basketball shoes near a heater or on a clothesline is tempting, you should never do this. While drying the shoes near a heater may seem like a good idea, it can cause irreversible damage. It would help if you dried the shoes by airing them out instead. If you cannot air them out, store them in a cool place. If you can’t store them in a cool place, you should always keep them away from the heat or direct sunlight.

When storing your shoes, make sure that they are not closed off. Not only will these shoes lose their shape, but they will also retain bacteria and odor. It’s better to place them in open spaces where air can quickly enter and escape. Additionally, you can place the shoes in a box to avoid tripping over them and preventing foul odors from developing. If you’re storing your basketball shoes in a box, keep them in the original box to protect them.