How to Increase Your Dribbling Speed

How to Increase Your Dribbling Speed

How to increase your dribbling speed

If you want to improve your dribbling speed, there are several techniques you can use to do so. A simple drill is to set up two cones about 15-20 yards apart and practice looking up and dribbling the ball. Depending on your fitness, you can start dribbling a few times at the same speed. After you learn to look up correctly, you can move on to higher reps of the same drill.

Dribble the ball hard

To increase your dribbling speed, you must first understand the fundamentals of basketball dribbling. This can be done by observing the way professional players dribble. While practicing dribbling, keep your head up and use your palm and fingertips to control the ball. You can use both hands or one or both of them. In any case, dribbling the ball hard will increase your speed.

A solid athletic posture is crucial for dribbling. It helps you achieve balance and explosiveness. It is also essential to keep your hips low, with your feet wider than your shoulders. It would help if you keep your chest up, as using your palm would slap the ball. Also, by keeping the ball lower, you will have more control over it and more control when you dribble.

Dribble it at different speeds

To improve your dribbling speed, practice-changing speeds, and directions when dribbling. Dribble it at varying speeds to get more practice while maintaining control of the ball. Developing your dribbling speed will help you sprint at a high rate. For optimal results, you should practice on grass. You can use cones to mark out the dribbling area.

To increase your dribbling speed, change your pace three or four times around the court. Change speed while dribbling to get the most out of every drill. Try dribbling at various speeds between the free-throw line and half-court. This will improve your overall speed. By alternating speed, you’ll increase your ability to change direction in a split second.

Dribble it in a tight space

You can make a few simple moves if you want to improve your dribbling speed in tight spaces. This type of play often involves evading multiple defenders while dribbling the ball. You can practice this by playing in a corner or on the sideline, where you’ll face a defender trying to steal the ball. To make the most of this situation, you should practice passing to your teammate before the defender closes in on you.

You can do a simple exercise to increase your dribbling speed in a tight space: practice dribbling with your weaker foot. Try to keep your knees bent, keeping your center of gravity low. This will make it easier to change direction quickly. This drill is also great for avoiding traveling. This way, you can practice dribbling with your weaker foot while working on your ball control and movement.

Dribble it with “eyes up.”

Dribble it with “eyes up,” not with your eyes down. This is important because it allows you to keep your peripheral vision, which is extremely important for dribbling. By keeping your head up, you will be able to see oncoming opponents and take advantage of passing opportunities. Here are some ways to improve your dribbling speed:

Try to dribble the ball with both hands. If you’re using your right hand, dribble it from an angle to your right side while your left-hand stays on the court. To make this trick more effective, try it with your left hand. This will help you keep your basketball near your body without getting tripped. In addition, you’ll be able to get past defenders who might otherwise be back on their heels.

Practice on your own

If you have never tried dribbling on your own, here are a few things to try. Taking a wide stance and forming a figure eight with both your legs are essential. As your speed increases, change your hands, getting lower to the ball. You can use the figure-eight exercise to help you learn to dribble with both hands. Then, practice passing the ball between your hands with the same hand in different positions and angles.

As with any technical skill, the most crucial step is repetition. You have to get used to the weight of the ball in your hands and its behavior. You can do this at home, in your own time. All you need is a small basketball court. Practice dribbling drills and exercises on your own will improve your agility, touch, and confidence. Try these techniques, and you will soon be dribbling better than ever.