How to Get Better Handles in Basketball

How to Get Better Handles in Basketball

How do you get better handles in basketball

Dribble the ball as hard as you can throughout your workout. Perform a crossover or a Pete Maravich drill. Practice the fundamentals of these basketball movements, and you’ll improve your game in no time! Listed below are some drills for improving your handles:

Dribble the ball as hard as you can throughout the workout

Practice pounding the ball with your left hand to develop your dribbling skill. This exercise involves moving the ball from shoulder to ankle height and then dribbling it back down. Repeat this drill as many times as possible. Eventually, you’ll have a better handle. Continue this exercise until you feel a slight burn in your arms.

This exercise is especially effective if you want to improve your basketball dribbling skills. The key is to keep your head up while you dribble. Do this exercise five times daily for about half an hour. Each day, dribbling the ball will give you a more muscular upper body. Try doing it daily until you can dribble the ball like a pro.

The Maravich series is a great way to develop your ballhandling skills. Don Kelbick, a basketball coach, suggests you drill your hands hard. The goal is to build your speed without losing control. Dribble with your palm and fingertips to develop talent. This will help you score points quicker. You’ll also have better balance and be able to control the ball without losing your balance.

Perform a crossover

If you want to improve your handles in basketball, perform a crossover dribble. To do this, bounce the ball in front of you and move inside your shoulder past the defender’s hip. After the crossover, push the ball out and explode off your back foot. This move will give you the athleticism needed to stand out in games. You can practice the crossover dribble by performing the Crossover Tournament Drill.

Hold the ball in your left hand and perform a crossover in front of your body. Begin by bringing the ball in front of your head, then dribble with the opposite hand. Repeat the crossover motion with the same ball, alternately placing your right foot in front of your left. Then, dribble the ball between your legs, tapping the ground only once. Afterward, repeat the process.

While a crossover can be executed from a stationary position, it is most effective when performed by a moving player. A defender must lean in one direction before a player can perform a crossover. The more dribbles a player makes, the better. In addition, dribbling gets the defender on the move. Then, the defender cannot change direction if the player hesitates.

Perform a Pete Maravich drill

A Pete Maravich drill is an excellent way to develop your handle on the basketball. It’s named after the NBA legend and dribbling king Pete Pistol Maravich, who used to practice these drills daily. This method improves your dribbling quickness and strength and develops your hand-eye coordination. You can perform this drill without the ball or while you’re running in place.

The Pistol Pete Maravich drill is similar to one he performed as a youth. Pete Maravich, the son of a basketball player, grew angry when someone compared him to the legendary Bob Cousy. Maravich also possessed a strong sense of discipline, which translated into his abstract style of play. When he was just a kid, his father dropped a basketball between his shoulders and asked him to catch it with his back. The drill soon became a routine.

A good handle drill involves focusing on the ball’s surface. The basketball should be held with the fingertips, not the palms. Pete Maravich practiced this drill by sleeping with it, watching television, and listening to music. While sleeping, he would also hold the ball while listening to music. In this way, he became accustomed to holding the ball. Regularly performing a Pete Maravich drill will increase your basketball handle speed and accuracy.