Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

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Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle SupportBest Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support


One of the best basketball shoes to buy is a pair with good ankle support. There are plenty of good shoes out there that offer this benefit. The best ones are LeBron Soldier XIII, Adidas Men’s Dame 5, Converse EB2 Boys’ Basketball Shoes, and Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball. Depending on your budget and playing style, you can find a good pair by reading the reviews below.

LeBron Soldier XIII

The Soldier XIII and Precision 4 are two excellent basketball shoes for players needing extra support for their ankles. Both offer solid lockdown and durability, but the Precision 4 feels more sleek and lightweight. It’s woven upper is very strong, while the base is stable, making it ideal for power players in the paint. The woven upper has a low profile and an EVA sock liner.

While the LeBron Soldier XIII isn’t the best basketball shoe for ankle support, they provide a high amount of ankle support. The shoe is also sturdy rubber, providing excellent grip on different surfaces. It keeps your feet from rolling in, improving your footwork on the court. The strap system is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Lastly, the LeBron Soldier XIII is an excellent choice for players who want some extra cushion and stability.

Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball

This is a dual-purpose shoe with a lightweight mesh upper, phylon midsole, and a rubber outsole. This shoe is one of the best-selling dual-purpose sneakers and was created with the needs of players in mind. Whether a recreational basketball player or a professional athlete, these shoes are the perfect fit.

While many basketball players suffer from ankle injuries, these injuries can be devastating, especially for pro-ballers. Luckily, advancements in medicine and technology have enabled these athletes to recover from these injuries. Today, countless types of basketball shoes are available, and the proper pair can help you avoid injuries and maximize your performance. Nike’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball Shoes are a perfect choice if you’re looking for basketball shoes that offer ankle support.

Adidas Men’s Dame 5

These shoes feature a knitted upper with visible pores, bounce cushioning, and shock-absorbing properties. The shoes also feature a full-length Bounce system for added comfort and support. Designed to provide superior traction, these shoes are lightweight and comfortable and will keep your ankles supported as you run and jump. This pair of shoes also comes with a durable herringbone outsole to help you stay on the court.

These shoes are an excellent choice for beginners and those with shin splints. While the sole is made from a lightweight, durable material, they do not have much traction on dirty hardwood floors. They are not as comfortable as some other shoes but deliver solid ankle support. If you’re looking for basketball shoes with excellent ankle support, check out the Adidas Men’s Dame 5.

Converse EB2 Boy’s Basketball Shoes

If you’re looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support, look no further than the Converse EB2 Boy’s Basketball Shoes. Featuring a leather upper and nylon lining, these sneakers provide ankle support and a durable rubber outsole. These shoes also feature a perforated neoprene ankle support for extra support. Other excellent options include the Nike Air Max Elite II TB, designed for power players and features a seamless inner sleeve. A solid rubber outsole completes this sneaker’s durability.

A pair of basketball shoes with ankle support will prevent ankle injuries, allowing you to play without pain or suffering. While basketball shoes are designed with ankle support, you may also want to consider other features, such as cushioning and traction. Many of these features will help your feet stay protected while playing. However, if you’re a beginner, you might want to consider a basketball shoe designed for people with flat feet.

Zoom Air

Designed to provide optimal ankle support, the Zoom Air basketball shoes from Nike have been designed with the support of a cushioned midsole and a forefoot lockdown system. These shoes provide proper posture for your feet and deliver energy with every step. The high-top design protects your ankles while supporting the knee muscles. They are lightweight, flexible, and stable and feature a multidirectional rubber outsole.

Known for its cushioning and responsiveness, the 2016TB features a shaft that measures 2.8 inches from the arch. The mid-upper collar provides ankle comfort, while the two Zoom Air units on the forefoot and heel deliver excellent responsiveness. The layered, double-stacked Air Zoom units deliver great ankle support. With these features, you can expect a more stable ankle, preventing injuries from back sprains.