Air Jordan 1 Mid Or High Better?

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Air Jordan 1 Mid Or High Better?

Are Jordan 1 Mid or High Better

Which is better: the Air Jordan 1 Mid or High? Here are some reasons why. The Air Jordan 1 Mid is more expensive than its counterpart, the Jordan High is more affordable, and women’s exclusive colorways are a massive advantage over their male counterparts. Read on to discover the best buys and the difference between the two models. Also, read about the differences between these two models in size and colorway.

Air Jordan 1 Mid

So which one is better? It’s important to note that both Jordan 1 Highs and Mids have some common flaws, but they have one advantage: superior materials. Jordan Highs are made of premium leather, while Jordan Mids use a more economical blend of materials. However, sneakerheads expect that the highest tier of Air Jordan 1 Highs will be made with similar materials as the lower tier. Because of this, many pairs of Jordan 1 Highs end up being resold, resulting in a lot of hatred amongst sneakerheads.

One of the most significant flaws of the Jordan 1 Mid is its lack of legacy or nostalgia. Released one year after the High, the mid lacks the legacy and nostalgia that the High had. It’s like the last-ditch effort to recreate classic colorways from the OGs. Mids also use poorer materials than the High, which erases the feeling of exclusivity. Despite the lack of legacy and nostalgia, Jordan 1 Mids are still excellent footwear.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid and High are often competing for the same sneakerheads. Both pairs are popular, but a Mid is the most affordable version. It’s also much more durable than the High, and some colorways of the mid have been adopted straight from the Retro Highs. But what if you don’t care about style? Why not get both? You’ll be happy with the result!

Which one is better? Depending on the look you want, you can choose a pair inspired by the original Jordan 1 High. For instance, the Jordan 1 High OG has nine lace holes, while the Jordan 1 Mid has eight. While they are similar in appearance, the Mid’s upper is a bit shorter. However, the Mid has fewer lace holes, so you can easily distinguish the difference between them by counting them.

Compared to the Jordan 1 High, Jordan 1 Mids are less expensive novelty models. They are often praised for their added comfort, and Michael Jordan endorsed them. Unlike the Jordan 1 High, the Nike Dunk High was more popular and received more enthusiasm. In addition to providing more colorways, the Nike Dunk High has also created a similar impact, though it has yet to surpass the Jordan 1 High’s resale value.

Women’s-exclusive colorways

Known for their vintage styling the Women’s-exclusive Jordan 1 High and Mid colorways come in several shades of red. They feature a white leather base and Varsity Red overlays. These shoes are reminiscent of Jordan’s early basketball days, and their high-top counterparts are equally slick and cool. This release will fetch a hefty price tag on the resale market.

One of the best-selling women’s sneakers is the Air Jordan 1 Mid. Since the original release, the women’s version has been available exclusively at StockX. Those looking for a more modern look should check out the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG SE. These shoes come with metallic zippers and high-quality leather construction. The women’s-exclusive edition is also available on Nike SNKRS.

Another Women’s-exclusive Air Jordan 1 Mid is releasing in the Summer of 2022. The shoe is covered in smooth dark teal leather with salmon accents. This colorway’s salmon vibes extend to the toe box, heel collar, tongue tag, and wings logo. The pink outsoles complete the look. A retail price of USD 120 is predicted. You can check out the latest sneaker news by signing up for the Sole Supplier newsletter.

Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan Sr., inspired the design of the ‘Father’s Day Pack.’ The “Father’s Day Pack” is a homage to Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan Sr. The shoe is available in black, white, and vachetta tan. In honor of Michael Jordan’s brother Ronnie, this “Hall of Fame” colorway features the ‘Hall of Fame’ logo.

The women’s Jordan 1 Mid and High have been a staple in the market for many years. The “Hall of Fame” induction, 22/1 Collezione ‘Countdown’ Pack, and Doernbecher freestyle series has boosted its popularity. Several new colorways were released during the past couple of years, and some of these are still selling at high prices.


The mid and high versions of the Jordan 1 have very similar materials but differ in quality and style. The Mid has a thin leather upper with a plastic-like heel cap, while the High has a thick leather upper with a leather tongue. The Dunk has more cushioning on the tongue and back, and the Mid lacks the Air Unit that the High does. Regardless of your preference, it would help if you considered buying a high-top pair of the Jordan 1 instead of a mid.

Although both sneakers have similar features, the Highs are more expensive than the Mids. The price difference is due to the higher quality of materials, making authentic Jordan 1 Highs more expensive than mid-range versions. While Jordan 1 Highs offers a broader range of color options, the mid-range version is much less expensive. Besides the higher price, Jordan 1 Highs has a richer history.

When comparing comfort, one of the main differences between the two is the amount of padding in the heel. While the Dunks do not have this padding, Jordans have twice as much. The Dunks offer more support and are more expansive in the toe box. However, the Jordan 1 is a closer fit. The Jordan 1 midsole has more texture in comparison to its counterparts. The difference in the flex points makes Dunks more comfortable.

The Mids offer superior comfort over the Highs, a common claim among sneakerheads. Conversely, some say the Mids lack the visual appeal of the Highs. The high-cut version is considered the true J1, while the mid has the appearance of a kid. While these differences are apparent in the looks of the shoes, their performance on the court is less impressive. The high is also more expensive.

The Jordan 1 High and Mid have their advantages and disadvantages. The High was released before the Mid, and the Low was released a year later. The High has the legacy and nostalgia of the Air Jordan 1, while the Mid had none. However, it seemed like a last-ditch effort to release OG colorways. The mids were also made from shoddy materials, destroying any sense of exclusivity. Ultimately, it came down to personal preference, which is the only way to know which is better.

Size differences

There are a few key differences between the Jordan 1 Mid and High. In the Jordan 1 Mid, the upper is made of lower-grade leathers, such as nubuck, suede, and nylon. The top portion of the shoe is separate from the heel, and a mid-top features eight lace holes. These differences in the upper design mean that the mid-top is more comfortable than the high-top.

Buying a pair of Jordan 1 Mids will help you avoid the hassle of trying on high-priced pairs. The high silhouette has been the only J1 for many fans. It is almost always sold out in minutes and is expensive to resell, so many sneaker collectors end up empty-handed. However, the up-and-coming WMNS sneaker scene is more accommodating of mid-tops.

When buying the Jordan 1 High, remember that the high-cut version is generally the most expensive. Conversely, the Jordan 1 Mid is the least expensive model of the Jordan 1.

In addition to price differences, Jordan 1 Highs and Mids are made of different materials. The high costs more than the mid, but they are much easier to find and purchase. Jordan 1 Mids are less expensive and much easier to find, and the mids tend to sit on Foot Locker and Champs shelves for weeks. So, what’s the difference between the High and Mid? The high is more expensive, but the mid is much more comfortable.

The Jordan 1 Mid is a famous shoe among the younger crowd, and the High is a little more expensive. Traditionally, the Jordan 1 was priced for beginners, but with the rise of the female market, the Mid became more accessible. The Netflix documentary The Last Dance has increased sales of the women’s Mid by over a thousand percent since the beginning of this year. This may be due to the popularity of women’s Jordan 1 in the Mid.

The Jordan One Mid is slightly shorter than the Jordan 1 High OG. Moreover, it has fewer lace holes, while the high is taller. While the Mid is shorter, it is similar in size to the high. You can easily differentiate the two shoes by counting the number of lace holes. The Mid has eight lace holes, whereas the High has nine. This is the most significant difference between the two silhouettes.